Choose a folder ... it does the rest

And besides, it's free Download Panaustik

Essential for your photo collections

Automatically search and delete duplicate photos.


Recognizes images "visually identical" whatever their size, lighting, camera angle ...


Process very quickly large amounts of images (typically 1 to 5 images per second depending on their size).


Discovers images showing similar topics and assembles them even in case of different focal lengths.


As a bonus, can generate panoramas without camera blurs or ghosts even in presence of moving parts.

Main Characteristics

All photos showing similars subjects are automatically grouped and assembled. It is then possible to remove redundant or duplicate images, or create panoramas if the images are appropriate.

Easy to Use

Select the main mode (Duplicate or Panoramas finder) and set the degree of similarity. Specify the folder to analyze ... That's it!

Decision Support

If in doubt, check your pictures before deleting: enlarge them (up 150%) or view the metadata.


Analyzes images with distinct orientations, blurred, taken with varying focal lengths or in different lighting conditions.


Metadata of the original images are preserved in panoramas.



Getting started, groups management, panoramas generation ... We told you.

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Install and configure Panaustik to get the best of your machine.

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No Spy

Panaustik does not collect any personal data. It's really free!

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