System Configuration

To get the best out of Panaustik, it is necessary to have relatively recent systems. Indeed, matching pictures by their content requires power. To deal with large stock of images requires memory.

Recommended configuration

  • 2Ghz processor.
  • 1Go free memory.
  • 64 bits Computer.


Windows Installer

Download and run the installer.

The file does not contain digital signature but is guaranteed free of Spyware, Adware or other Malware!

Auto Executable Jar

Java (Version > 1.7 u6) is required and must be installed.

Download the jar file and copy it to any directory.

Memory size

By default, Panaustik uses 1/4 of the memory installed on the machine up to 1 GB. If necessary the maximum memory used can be configured as follows:


Only on 64-bit machines.

Launch the program. Double click on the Memory display bar on the top left and enter the desired value. Restart Panaustik.

Jar Auto-Exécutable

Specify the -Xmx parameter when you launch the program (eg -Xmx2g).


MSVCR100.dll not found

The problem is that you do not have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio Package on your machine.

To install the missing package, simply go to and download the package for free (select vc_redist.x64 for Windows 64 bits and vc_redist.x86 for Windows 32 bits).

It may be necessary to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update. It can be download at (Select vcredist_x64 for Windows 64 bits and vcredist_x86 for Windows 32 bits. vcredist_ia64 is for Itanium server).


After uninstallation, a .panaustik folder may remains in the user’s “home”. This folder can be deleted without problems.


An uninstaller can be found in the installation directory.


Remove the Jar.

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