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  1. I’ve used Panaustik quite often and find it very helpful.

    One thing I would like it to do is compare a SINGLE photo in ONE folder to all my other photos in another folder. Is this possible?

    The only alternative appears to be to put that ONE photo in the SAME folder with all the other photos and then compare ALL the photos. I have several thousand photos. When someone gives me a photo, it is very time consuming to compare ALL the photos with each other when all I want to do is compare ONE photo against all my other photos.

    1. Panaustik is intended to automatically detect duplicates in a stock of images.
      Checking one photo against an image folder is technically possible but this will break the simplicity of the UI.
      Anyway, we will still need to scan the image folder!

  2. Discovered this program on Kim Komando’s website, The program worked really well, found a really large number of duplicates, but I haven’t found the way to do a group delete, it would take forever to delete duplicates that were found. Went through the tutorial but didn’t see a way to do that.

    1. Hi
      Effectively, there is no bulk delete button. This is because you are the only one that could decide what is good or not.
      Panaustik is just here to give you hints on similar pictures.

  3. I’ve tried to use Panaustik several times to find similar photos in a folder but no similar photos were found. When I clicked the “Start” button it changed to a “Stop” button, but it quickly changed back to a “Start” button. The folder has about 700 photos. Some photos are duplicates and some are similar. Most of the photos are TIF files, the rest are BMP. All are 600 dpi.

    I decided to download the “Test” photos from the Panaustik website and the program found the “Test” photos that were similar. I noticed the “Test” photos were jpg. Does Panaustik only work with jpg photos? What is the maximum dpi? (I use TIF at 600 dpi because that is what I need) .

    Thanks – David

  4. I like what Panaustik does. I found Panaustik on
    Per Kim’s instructions, I:
    1-installed Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
    2-Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update

    I get a Java Heap Space error. I increased Java memory to 1GB, then to 2GB, same error. I used the User option, not System option to set Java memory space.
    I am running a backup desktop, Dell Windows 7 SP1, 3GB memory. Not sure what to try next, so any direction would be appreciated. I can run on a fairly new laptop, but wanted some direction first.

    1. Hi
      To give you direction, i need some details:
      When did you got the error? Scanning images, analysing correspondances, building panorama?
      What is the memory values in the memory (upper right corner)?
      Thanks for using Panaustik

  5. Thank you for your fantastic program. There seems to be a bug: I ran it against 480 GB of pictures (on a network drive) and started deleting duplicates, and then I realized that sometimes, the program would show a single unique file as two different thumbnails. The file name showed as exactly the same at the top of the pictures (though one of the two images showed up as slightly lighter), but if you were only looking at the images and not the file names, you wouldn’t know that they were two thumbnails of the same physical file. So, the result is that I deleted files with no actual duplicates–basically there were just two thumbnails of the same file–so when I deleted one of the two thumbnails, the file was actually deleted. Do you have any ideas of what might be wrong? Thank you.

    1. Thanks to pointing this. Currently i have no ideas as this is the first time this bug is mentionned!
      Anyway if you are on windows, the deleted files are moved to the bin so you can recover deleted pictures.
      Thanks for using Panaustik

      1. I am having the same issue that Andy wrote about on August 24. He did a wonderful job of explaining what happens.
        Just wanted you to know it is happening to others also.

  6. Dear dev,

    Put a button to automatically delete pictures in lot.
    You can make some atributes to select and delete all duplicated files in one step: Low/High resolution; New/Old file; Original/Duplicated pic;
    I’m testing all apps for Win, and your image processing is better, just need this, to be the best.

    I’m testing and the trash button don’t work with pictures at portable HD. Shows a delete error popup.

    Thank you for your software.
    Best regards,

      1. I agree with the above comment. Fantastic software by the way – the best I have seen for matching especially when the photos aren’t exactly the same frame. Keep up the good work and will look forward to seeing future version. Have encountered no bugs so far.


  7. Hi
    Looks good but crash the machine each time i runs it on my photo map (
    Command: java -Xmx6g -jar Panaustik.jar same result with and without -Xmx6g flag

    Panaustik log file empty

    java version “1.7.0_95”

    OS version :Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa


  8. Hello, thanks for making this free software, but it didn’t work in my computer. The program constantly says “syntax error” and it’s in French. Also, how can I uninstall a Java program like this?

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your interest in Panaustik.
      Regarding your error, to help me, can you send me on the log files (Panaustik.log*) that can be found in a directory .panaustik in your home.
      Panaustik language is based on the locale defined in Java. I think I’ll put an option to select the language 😉
      Panaustik could be uninstalled like any other program (on windows: Configuration Panel => Programs).
      Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

      1. hi i cannot find any where how to uninstall this program.

        i have gone to start/programs/panaustik BUT all i see is the panaustik icon nothing about uninstall

        gone to start control panel uninstall programs nothing there.

        so where do i uninstall this please

        1. Hi Tom
          From version 2, you can normally uninstall Panustik by double clicking the Panaustik icon in Controll Pane >> Add or Remove Programs. But if your java cache is corrupted this may not work.
          You can also go to the Control Panel >> Java. Select the first tab (General). In the ‘Temporary internet files’ section, click the Display button. This brings a dialog where you can manage your WebStart applications. Select the Panaustick application and click the red cross to uninstall.

    2. Hello Mathias
      In version 2.2.0, you can now choose the language 😉
      If you still have problems, don’t hesitate to send me the log files.

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